DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS new :
The new DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS with 8DSx4US provides downstream bandwidth up to 400Mbps. This product with Channel bonding feature allows up to 8 DS channels and 4 US channels to be bonded. The optional IPTV/VoD feature (field-upgradable) allows the downstream to be increased to 800Mbps.
  • C3200 - 2DSx2US (DS=80Mbps; US = 60Mbps; 250 CMs)
  • C3400 - 4DSx4US (DS=160Mbps; US=120Mbps; 500 CMs
  • C3800 - 8DSx4US (DS=320Mbps; US=120Mbps; 500 CMs)

CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) :
C9 Networks manufactures the industry’s most integrated and user-friendly CMTS systems. C9 CMTS products are highly reliable and cost-effective. The following are the standard features in the C9 CMTS products:
  • Agile Upconverter, management servers (DHCP, TFTP, TOD), Subscriber Management System for Cable Modem/subscriber activation and deactivation and RF monitoring tools all in one highly integrated CMTS system.
  • With a web-based and GUI interface, the C9 CMTS systems are easy-to-use and can be managed from anywhere using the Internet browser. The GUI interface allows easy monitoring and control of the system.
  • DOCSIS & Euro-DOCSIS support
Models Configuration Modem Capacity Bandwidth(DS) Bandwidth(US) Notes
C600 1DSx1US 200 to 250 CMs 40Mbps 10Mbps 2U Chassis
C800 1DSx2US 400 to 500 CMs 40Mbps 20Mbps 2U Chassis
C900 1DSx4US 750 to 800 CMs 40Mbps 40Mbps 2U Chassis

Provisioning and Cable Plant Monitoring :
Vendor independent DOCSIS provisioning and Cable plant monitoring tools for effective management of subscribers and to monitor the health of your network, providing real-time and historical data.
Models Description Features
DPS-100 DOCSIS Provisioning Server Cable modem activation
Subscriber activation
Bandwidth and QoS control
CPMS Cable Plant Monitoring Software Cable Modem and CMTS monitoring
Power supply monitoring
Real-time & Historic monitoring
Power level and Noise level monitoring
Health of Network monitoring

Other Products :
High downstream applications, IPTV applications, Fixed Wireless broadband, WiFi CMTS and PC-CMTS products are listed below. Please call us or email for more details on these products.
IPTV & Multi-downstream CMTS
Downstream bandwidth range from 80Mbps to 800Mbps

  • CMTS for high bandwidth per subscriber application
  • IPTV applications

Wireless Broadband
C2000WL-Fixed Wireless base station based on DOCSIS over Air (DoA)
Downstream features supported:

  • QAM256, QAM64, QAM16 and QPSK
  • Bandwidth supported: 6MHz to 3.5MHz (to accommodate wireless channels)
  • Programmable symbol rates
C3000WiFi - WiFi access point support and management

PC-CMTS Products
Model C500: PC based CMTS; 1DS x 1US

  • CMTS PCI line card in a PC chassis
  • CMTS Servers include DHCP, TFTP and ToD
Model C200: PCI line card CMTS; 1DS x 1US
  • CMTS PCI adapter card can be plugged into a PC to convert the PC into CMTS

Note: Contact us for volume pricing. Please call us for details.

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